Caught A Nail?

Spend enough time on the road and you're likely to catch a nail and end up with a flat tire. That unexpected nuisance can ruin your day!

Our friends at Cooper Tires recently offered some tips regarding the steps to take to ensure a correctly repaired tire.

First and foremost, make sure any repair done to your tire is done by a qualified professional using approved materials! Be sure to pay attention to the tire pressure level after any fix. If your tires continue to lose pressure after a repair,  you may need a new tire.

A proper repair involves a number of steps:

  • • First a professional will seek out the puncture by removing the tire from the wheel and visually inspecting the tire. Typically, a repair should not be done if the size of the hole is larger than a 1/4 inch in diameter. Punctures on the side-wall generally cannot be repaired.
  • • Repairs work when using both a stem and a patch. Using only a plug (stem), or only a patch, will NOT keep your tires in the best working condition.
  • • There is a limited number of times that a tire can be repaired.

An improper repair can cause tire failure.

If you have any questions, you can always stop in and talk to the experts at Midwest Tire.

Cliff's Notes – Brakes

Brakes are the most important safety feature on any vehicle.

Being able to slow down or stop in an instant is key to avoiding an accident.

If your brake system isn’t functioning at 100%, your ability to slow down or stop quickly, especially in a panic situation, will be affected.

At Midwest Tire, we offer a free brake inspection anytime with appointment.

  • • Modern braking system should be inspected on an annual basis
  • • Signs that your brakes may be operating at less than 100%
    • – High pitched squealing when the brake pedal is applied
    • – Pulsation from the steering wheel when brakes are applied at a high speed
    • – Grinding noise when brakes are applied

When Midwest Tire does a brake job we use “premium” brake pads with the same composition of friction material that comes as original equipment with your car. We clean and lubricate the disc brake calipers and caliper guide pins also.

We resurface rotors as needed to provide a smooth surface for the new brake pads.

Cars don’t necessarily need all four brakes done at the same time but they should be replaced in pairs. Front brakes generally wear out quicker because they are stopping 60% of the weight of the car.

If you think your brakes aren’t performing be sure to call Midwest Tire.

Cliff's Notes

Midwest Tire has been serving Omaha and the surrounding area since 1944 when Cliff’s grandfather opened the business during World War II. Cliff, his wife Mary, and his brother, Bernie, are third generation owners of the business that is located at 13th & Pacific. We pride ourselves on being experts in tires and car safety, and we want to share that expertise with you through a series called Cliff’s Notes.

Each Cliff’s Notes article will focus on a timely topic that will be a helpful resource for you. We will share what we have learned throughout the years so that you will feel more knowledgeable and confident in your vehicle and its safety.

We stock between 8000-9000 tires on-site every day, and can special order almost any tire our customer requests. We specialize in all types of tires ranging from passenger tires, to light and medium truck tires, to semi-trucks and semi-trailer tires. In addition, we stock many tires for less conventional vehicles including:

  • Golf carts
  • ATV’s and recreational vehicles
  • Travel trailers
  • 5th wheel trailers
  • Motorcycle trailers
  • Snowmobile trailers
  • Lawn service vehicles including riding and walk-behind mowers
  • Industrial tires for construction skid steers, hi-lifts, fork lifts and graders

We carry tires for utility, flatbed and enclosed vehicles ranging from 4-ply trailer tires to 18-ply trailer tires, tubeless or tube-type. We recognize that the industrial vehicles we service can’t afford to be out of service. We stock solid rubber skid steer tires that do not need air, and we foam fill tires for industrial machinery.

So check back for more Cliff’s Notes – we look forward to sharing more of our expertise with you!

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Kind Words from GV Kustom Kitchens

We recently caught up with our customer Nick Vondrak, owner of GV Kustom Kitchens: when he was in for service on his vehicle. He shared some thoughts about working with our team for the last few years:

“I have been very pleased with the Midwest Tire team since our first visit in 2015. I really appreciate the personal service that I receive every time I come in for service.

I initially came for service to my fleet of vehicles for my business, and now I bring my personal vehicles to you as well. I feel like your staff is committed to listening to my needs, and I really value the personal touch and service that I receive. As a small-business owner, this is very important to me and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else.

I know a lot has changed since Midwest Tires was founded in the 1940’s, but your commitment to safe and honest service hasn’t changed, and it means a lot that you always do as you say you are going to do. I feel a good buzz every time I am there, and the staff always seems happy and eager to help me with my vehicles. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my vehicles.”

Thank you Nick! We look forward to serving you and your vehicles for years to come!

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We appreciate your support

It’s that time of year again where we ask you to take a few moments to show your support for Midwest Tire. For the past seven years, Midwest Tire has been voted “Winner Best of Omaha” in the Car Tire Service category. We want to thank everyone for their past support.

We have cared for vehicles in downtown Omaha since 1944 and have developed life- long relationships with many of our customers. We take pride in knowing that our customers trust our services!

If you are a customer and appreciate the work we do, please take a moment and vote for us—our Best of Omaha quick vote code is 22813. Voting ends on August 20th. We appreciate your support. Our goal is to provide honest, reliable service to all of our customers.

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Give Your Kids the Tools to Stay Safe on the Road

Being a parent is tough—especially when you hand over the keys. Maybe you never had the chance to show the proper way to change a tire, or discuss what to do in case of a car accident. Well, rest assured. The team at Cooper Tire recently developed and launched a new app designed to help offer insights for your drivers.

The new Tread Wisely app – available from the app store and Google play store – provides a number of helpful videos. In some ways it's like putting expert advice right in the palm of their hands.

In addition, the app comes with a number of features including: monthly safety check reminders; a unique "I got there" feature that sends reminders to check in with parents. You can read up on the app here.

Midwest Tire is the top single- location Cooper Tire Dealer in the nation and proudly provides quality options and expertise for all types of vehicles. Midwest Tire has cared for cars in downtown Omaha since 1944! From family vehicles to fleet vehicles, we can help keep yours running smoothly and safely.

Call to setup an appointment today.

The heat takes a toll on your car battery.

We've noted in the past about how the cold weather can cause battery problems. In reality, extreme weather, hot or cold, can cause issues. In fact, many experts state that hot weather often causes more battery problems than cold weather. And with the heat index expected to rise over 100 degrees this week, we encourage you to keep an eye on your battery.

All batteries contain some amount of liquid—the extreme heat causes the liquid to evaporate more quickly which reduces battery life.

The team at Midwest Tire can inspect your battery and replace if needed.

Our ASAE Certified Technicians are trained to spot issues before they occur.

Call to setup an appointment today.

It's Summer—Time to Hit the Road

As we get into the summer months many families throughout the Midwest are getting ready to hit the road and enjoy some quality time. Last summer brought a wave of packed airports, with long waits and packed planes. There has never been a better time to hit the road. Before traveling, we encourage everyone to have their vehicle inspected prior to traveling. From tires to brakes from alignments to batteries, Midwest Tire is ready to help you keep your family’s road trip safer this summer.

From brakes to batteries to tires—we are ready to act. We can make sure your car is in tip-top shape. We will inspect your tires, check the tread and look for issues. We also test batteries and can look at your brakes to make sure everything is in proper working condition.

With our check, you can rest assured, and enjoy some time with the family. Give us a call and we look forward to seeing you at Midwest Tire!

Worn out tires are dangerous

You'll often hear us mention the term 'worn out tires’ and you might wonder what exactly does that mean? Tires are made up of a number of components—one of which is the tread. The tread refers to the part of the tire that makes contact with the ground. Tread is responsible for helping your vehicle remain in contact with the ground—regardless of weather or road conditions. In wet conditions the tread is responsible for preventing hydroplaning by helping to funnel water from underneath your tires. It is a vital part of a safe and properly functioning tire.

As you use your vehicle the tread will wear. No one vehicle, or tire brand, will wear the same. How quickly your tire tread wears depends on usage and weather conditions. The important thing to recognize is when your tires are worn.

Tire tread is measured in inches—specifically in 32’s of an inch. When your tires reach 2/32nds, the tread is effectively worn off and your tires pose a safety threat.

If you don't have access to measure the tread, use the handy penny trick. Simply insert a penny into your tire’s tread groove with Lincoln's head upside down and facing you. If you can see all of Lincoln's head, your tread depth is less than 2/32 inch and it's time to replace your tires.

Other and more immediate signs of necessary tire replacement are if your tires are showing any sidewall cracks or small cracks in the grooves of the tire. This indicates an aging tire. It is time to replace those tires especially in our hot weather driving conditions.

Caring for cars—with integrity

Many women fear being taken advantage of and overcharged when their vehicle needs repair work because they feel less informed or are perceived to be less informed than men. This fear may lead some women to put off necessary repairs for their vehicle and delaying repairs can sometimes lead to a more expensive repair bill.

In fact, a 2013 study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University supported the myth that women are charged more than men in some cases. The study compared price quotes given to men and women after they called the mechanics, described the same problem and claimed to be uninformed. The majority of the quotes for the female customers were higher than those for male customers.

At Midwest Tire, we treat all our customers equally regardless of who they are or how much they know about cars and tires. We built our business on the principles of honesty and integrity and that hasn’t changed in the nearly 75 years that we have been in business!

“Cliff has always treated me fairly when it came to working on my son’s car, even offering friendly, fatherly advice,” said Peggy Viers of Omaha who has been a Midwest Tire customer for more than 20 years. “I have never questioned his work or his prices because I know he has always treated me fairly.”

“I came to Cliff a few years ago for a repair on my car. Cliff recommended I check a salvage yard for the part and he sent one of his employees with me to find the perfect part at no extra charge. He loaned me one of his courtesy vehicles to use for a week while he waited for the part and made the repairs- again at no extra charge.”

“I would never trust anyone else for my car repairs and I refer all of my friends and family to Midwest Tire,” said Peggy. For honest, quality vehicle or tire service- regardless of who you are or how much you know about vehicle maintenance- give us a call today!

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What's with all the markings on the side of my tires?

We get it—to the average person all the information on the sidewall of your tire might read like a foreign language. But all of those numbers and letters mean something—and it may benefit you to know what they mean. Included on your sidewall is information about: tire size, the name and brand of tire, if your tire is tube or tubeless, inflation limits, weight limits and more.

The folks at Cooper Tire have compiled a nice graphic that identifies each of the components and what they mean. View their article.

While the tire does have information about inflation, we would like to reinforce that the standards for inflation for each specific vehicle can be found in either the owner's manual or on a panel inside your car door frame. This information can be confusing but at Midwest Tire we are always ready to help. Be sure to ask us about proper inflation when getting your new tires installed.

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