Kind words from our customers

Our customer’s trust is our top priority, and we are committed to treating every customer fairly. Sharon Malick of Omaha shared her experience at Midwest Tire Co.

“One of the tires on my car was slowly losing air. My husband always handles car repairs, but he was out of town and I couldn’t wait to get it taken care of. He suggested I call Midwest Tire because he has taken our vehicles there for years.

I made an appointment for 7 am the next day. Because I have only dropped my husband off at the shop in the past, and I had never been inside, I was uncertain what to expect. I was the first appointment of the day, and I was immediately greeted with a friendly smile by the gentleman at the desk. He checked in my vehicle, showed me to the waiting area and me where to find the restrooms and coffee. He reassured me that they would quickly fix my tire and send me on my way.

I anticipated spending the better part of my morning at the shop, so I was amazed that the entire experience was less than a half an hour. Turns out my tire had a nail in it and they were able to patch it and get it back on my vehicle in no time.

The customer service I experienced at Midwest Tire was amazing. Everyone in the shop was genuine, friendly and reassuring. I was treated so well that I feel very comfortable taking our vehicles there myself in the future when repairs are needed. I would definitely recommend Midwest Tire to anyone who needs their vehicle serviced!”

Thank you, Sharon – it was our pleasure serving you!

Welcome CWS Fans!

Whether this is your first visit to Omaha, or you’re a regular at the series – welcome back to downtown Omaha!

If you find yourself in need of repairs to your vehicle while you are in Omaha for the College World Series, we want you to know Midwest Tire Co., is right in the neighborhood. We are located south of downtown Omaha at 1102 South 13thSt., just under a mile and a half from TD Ameritrade Park.

We have the largest selection of tires in stock in the Omaha metro area. If you find yourself with a flat tire, we can repair or replace your tire in little time and get you back safely on the road.

If you experience car trouble while in Omaha, including tires, brakes and hoses, we are here to help. 

We are a family-owned business, caring for cars in downtown Omaha since 1944. We are committed to providing honest, quality service to everyone we serve.

We cherish the College World Series as part of Omaha’s history, and we are here to share some Midwest hospitality with you while you are visiting our city! Call us at 402-342-2248 if you find yourself in need of service.

Welcome to Omaha and best of luck to your team!

Cliff’s Notes – Why is My Steering Wheel Shaking? 

If your steering wheel is shaking as you are driving – don’t ignore it! There are a couple of things that could be causing the shaking: 

• Tires are the most common cause of vehicle shaking. One of your tires may be unbalanced or you have a bent rim,or a tire has a tread separation because it is old. It’s time to replace the tires! 

• If your vehicle shakes when you apply the brakes, it could be the rotors. As they get older they can become worn and warped and will need to be replaced. 

• If you notice the shaking when you reach speeds over 40-45 mph, the brake caliper may be stuck. You may notice a burning odor and more severe shaking as you accelerate. 

• A shaking steering wheel could indicate a problem with anything from worn steering components or shock absorbers, to struts, bearings or ball joints. You will need a professional to correct these issues. 

• If you have recently been in an accident or hit a deep pothole, the shaking could be due to a bent or broken suspension part. Have your vehicle inspected for axle damage. 

The experts at Midwest Tire Co., can inspect your vehicle to determine the cause of the shaking. It’s often a quick and easy fix, but if vehicle shaking is ignored it can lead to significant damage. Call Midwest Tire Co., as soon as you notice your vehicle shaking.

What You Need to Know About Spare Tires

Do you know what type of spare tire is in your vehicle? Almost all vehicles have one, and many newer models come with a donut tire – a more narrow, compact tire designed to save space and weight in your vehicle. Before you hit the road for summer travel, here are some safety considerations to keep in mind if your spare tire is a donut tire:

  • • Donut tires have less tread than normal tires in order to save space in your vehicle, but this makes them more susceptible to hazards in the road.
  • • Check the owner’s manual for your vehicle for specifics, but generally donut tires are not meant to be driven more than 70 miles or 50 mph.
  • • Donut tires are considerably smaller than the other 3 tires so it must spin faster to keep up.
  • • Driving for too long on a donut tire can impact the transfer case of your vehicle.
  • • The vehicle will dip lower where the spare is mounted, causing the vehicle to pull in that direction which impacts the handling of the vehicle.

It’s a good idea to routinely check the air pressure of your spare tire. It does no good to replace a flat tire with a deflated tire, so make sure your spare is properly inflated to 60 psi.

If your damaged tire can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced, Midwest Tire Co., recommends replacing both tires on the same axle. As tires age, the tread wears down and an imbalance of treads can cause one tire to spin faster than the other. This can have a negative effect on the vehicle, and your ability to safely drive.

As you are making summer travel plans, remember to schedule a vehicle safety inspection, including a check of your spare tire, with Midwest Tire Co.

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Summer?

We are just a few weeks away from Memorial Day – the official start to summer – and it’s time to make sure your car is ready for summer travel!

Winter can take a toll on your vehicle, as can the hot temperatures of summer. Before you hit the road for summer travel, here is a safety checklist to make sure your vehicle is ready for summer:

  • Tires:Safe tires are crucial for safe traveling. Here are some tips for a quick tire safety checkyou can do to make sure your tires are safe. We carry the largest selection of in-stock tires in Omaha. Midwest Tire Co., recommends rotating tires every 10,000 miles.
  • Brakes:The ASE Certified Techniciansat Midwest Tire Co., can inspect and correct any issues with your brake system, including brake pads, struts and rotors.
  • Battery:The last thing you want is a dead battery on vacation. Let our professional technicians check your battery to detect weakness before you hit the road.
  • Oil:Midwest Tire recommends changing the oil in your car every 4,000 miles to keep your engine running properly. Schedule an oil change today!
  • Cooling System: The technicians at Midwest Tire can do a thorough check of your vehicle’s cooling system, including belts, clamps and hoses, to prevent a breakdown due to overheating.

Summer is a time for fun and making memories. Let Midwest Tire Co., ensure that your vehicle to safe and ready for the summer!

How We Limit Waste

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22. At Midwest Tire Co., we are committed to doing our part to limit our waste that ends up landfills.

Tires are not biodegradable. Some estimates say as many as 350 million tires are disposed of annually. Rubber in tires is very resilient and can be re-used in many ways. Shredded tires can be found in asphalt road surfaces, bark mulch, playground surfaces, and many road bed surfaces.

We estimate we recycle close to 2000 tires a month at Midwest Tire Co. Our cost for recycling that many tires is approximately $3500/month (close to $2/tire), but we are committed to keeping them out of the landfill.

Tires are not the only thing we recycle at Midwest Tire Co. We save all lead wheel- balancing weights that are removed from rims and collect them in 5-gallon buckets. Each bucket of discarded lead weighs approximately 150 pounds, and we work with AAlter Scrap Trading to recycle close to 70 buckets of lead each year. That is more than 10,000 pounds of lead each year that stays out of the landfill!

We also partner with Alter Scrap to recycle the brass valves on rims and inner tubes. The brass is separated from the wheels and can be repurposed. The investment of cost and labor on our part is worth the positive impact on the environment.

Finally, we recycle the engine oil collected at the time customers have their engine oil changed and that oil is burned in a specialized furnace at Midwest Tire Co. to help heat our building.

We all share the responsibility of being good stewards to our earth, and at Midwest Tire Co., we have been committed to recycling all possible materials for more than 30 years.

*You can learn more about recycling and Earth Day here!

Kind Words from long-time customer

We recently caught up with Dave Souder, a long-time customer of Midwest Tire Co. Dave is an Omaha native and childhood friend of Cliff, owner of Midwest Tire Co., but had moved away from Nebraska.

Dave and Cliff crossed paths several years ago at an event for Creighton University. Dave was in town to visit his twin daughters who were enrolled as freshmen at Creighton University. At the time Cliff mentioned to Dave that he would be happy to help the girls with their vehicle issues while they were attending Creighton.

Dave and his wife have since returned to live in Omaha, and he recently shared this with us:

“When my daughters were students at Creighton University, Midwest Tire Co. serviced their two vehicles numerous times – everything from new tires and oil changes to repairs and preventative maintenance. Each time they visited the shop, it was a positive experience, and I appreciated that Cliff always kept me informed and invoiced me directly.

My wife and I lived more than 1000 miles away when the girls were at Creighton so it gave us great peace of mind to know they were receiving quality, reliable service for their vehicles. We trusted Cliff, and we knew they were in safe, reliable vehicles because he was providing them with quality service.

My daughters have since graduated and I no longer pay for their vehicle service but the girls have remained Midwest Tire Co. customers. Since returning to the Omaha area, we also take our vehicles to Midwest Tire Co.

I am grateful to Cliff and his team for the extra care they gave our daughters and I would recommend them to anyone who wants fair, reliable service for their vehicles.”

Thanks for sharing Dave! It’s been our pleasure to serve you and your family for many years!

Cliff's Notes — Pot Holes, Enough

Recently, a lot of customers have asked me about road hazard and pothole damage on their tires in the last month.

Punctures, cuts and sidewall pinch shock occurs when the tire strikes a rigid object (like a pothole) hard enough to crush the tire sidewall between the rim flange and the rigid object. This type of sidewall injury can lead to further tire damage if not repaired in time. Impact damage to the tire may initially show little or no exterior evidence.

However, internal damage can progress with additional mileage and eventually cause internal tire separation or sudden loss of air pressure. The tire must be dismounted and carefully inspected to determine whether it is repairable. Some road hazard damage may result in gradual inflation pressure loss. If not corrected as soon as possible , such damage can ruin tires that otherwise could have been repaired.

If you have questions about tire damage, give Midwest Tire, Co. a call.

Getting back on the job fast

We work with many clients who rely on their vehicles to serve their clients. When one of their vehicles has a flat tire or needs repairs, Midwest Tire Co. gets them back on the job quickly. When time is money, reliable service means everything.

We recently heard from Trent Lovewell from John Higgins Weatherguard Inc. after we replaced tires on their bobcat:

Midwest Tire Co. has serviced all of our vehicles for more than 10 years. Our bobcat had a flat tire
recently, and getting it replaced quickly was important so we could complete jobs on schedule. We
called Cliff and his team and they were on our job site within the hour. They quickly replaced all four
tires and the bobcat was back in operation.

We have come to trust the safe, reliable service that we receive from Midwest Tire Co. The convenience
of having the bobcat serviced on the job site saved us a tremendous amount of time and kept our loss of
productivity to a minimum and making the process very efficient.

We would recommend Midwest Tire Co. to anyone who needs service for their company or personal
vehicles. They are a trusted partner for our business!

Thanks Trent – it is our pleasure to serve you and your team!

If you have questions about how Midwest Tire, Co. can help with your fleet be sure to give us a call.

Kind Words from Millard Sprinkler

Our long-time customer Todd Rannals, owner of Millard Sprinkler, shared with us his experiences working with Midwest Tire Co. over the last ten years:

“We use Midwest Tire for every vehicle in our fleet – everything from mowers to trailers, big rigs and off-road vehicles. If it needs a tire, we get it at Midwest Tire.

We always receive excellent service from Cliff and his team. They always do exactly what they say they are going to do, and I never have to price check. I always know I am getting the best price with Cliff. We used to service our fleet at big tire stores, and I know I overpaid for tires for years. Since we started working with Midwest Tire, the prices have consistently stayed the same.

I trust everyone on the Midwest Tire team. They are the reason I drive all the way from Yutan, NE for service on my personal vehicles. I could do someplace closer, but I know I will pay more and it will take twice as long. The Midwest Tire team is friendly, fast and efficient. I recommend them to my friends and family and other business owners all the time.”

Thanks for the kind words!

If you have questions about how Midwest Tire, Co. can help with your fleet be sure to give us a call.

Tires Don't Last Forever

It's true, unlike diamonds, tires don't last forever. And there may be more than one reason your tires need to be replaced. Obviously, use causes treadwear. Reducing the amount of available tread on your tire eventually leads to the need for replacement. This is the most common reason for replacing tires, however other reasons do exist. 

Our friends at Cooper Tires have compiled a handful of reasons why your tires may need to be replaced. Their full article can be found here.

Cooper Tires recommends that any tire over 10 years of age be replaced. Regular use would wear your tires out before this timeframe. But for vehicles that don't see a lot of road time, the 10 year mark represents the period where your tires will break down for other reasons. The Cooper article points out, "Under no circumstances should a "maximum" service life recommendation for a tire be considered as an "expected" service life. Tires must be removed from service for several reasons, including tread worn down to minimum depth, signs of damage (cuts, cracks, bulges, impact damage, vibration, etc.) or signs of abuse (underinflation, overloading, improper repair, etc.)."

At Midwest Tire, Co, we are stocked with a wide array of sizes and specialty tires. We are more than happy to chat about your specific vehicle, and the unique needs for your vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at Midwest Tire, Co.